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Spring Training: Tips for Preventing Orthopedic Injuries
Spring Training: Tips for Preventing Orthopedic Injuries

Spring sports are officially back in session! While spring training is a great way to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather with friends, it does increase the risk of orthopedic injury. So before you get back onto the field, court, or gym, make sure to stay conscious and take the necessary precautions against sports-related injuries.

Here are some of the best orthopedic injury prevention tips so that you can keep your head in the game:

  • Always Warm Up: Before every practice and game, you must take the time to warm up for 5-10 minutes. Warming up will help to increase blood flow and loosen your joints, preparing your body for the upcoming high-level activity.
  • Use Quality Gear: No matter what sport you are playing, make sure to invest in quality gear as improper gear can greatly increase your chance of injury. Thus, you should always wear protective gear, choose proper footwear, and utilize dependable equipment.
  • Increase Strength and Flexibility: Try to incorporate strength and flexibility training into your workout routine. More muscle mass surrounding your joints provides protection and stability. Flexible joints are also less susceptible to injury.
  • Practice Proper Form: Improper form not only affects your performance, it also leaves you at risk of injury.
  • Prioritize Rest: In between practice and games, make time for rest. Your body repairs itself as you sleep, so making sure to get enough sleep at night after a big game is necessary to refresh your joints and muscles.
  • Listen to Your Body: Your body will alert you when you are pushing yourself too hard. Listen to these signs and stop before you get yourself hurt!

Remember these tips to stay on your A-game this Spring training season. For more guidance, our expert physicians are more than happy to help you with all your sports medicine needs. Get world class care close to home at Hinsdale Orthopedics in Munster!

Author: Dr. Ronak Patel is a fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in all sports medicine injuries for adolescents and adults, including knee, shoulder and elbow. Dr. Patel provides comprehensive care for the musculoskeletal system treating acute injuries in Munster, Indiana.

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