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Staying Hydrated and Medication Management: Summer Essentials for Knee Replacement Recovery
Staying Hydrated and Medication Management: Summer Essentials for Knee Replacement Recovery

Staying Hydrated and Medication Management: Summer Essentials for Knee Replacement Recovery

Recovery from knee replacement doesn’t have to be difficult. With proper hydration and medication management, your recovery process will be that much easier. Let’s discuss these essentials for your knee replacement recovery to ensure your summer is spent in comfort. 


Staying hydrated is a key aspect of recovery from knee replacement that is often overlooked. Proper hydration helps to lubricate your joints, rid your system of toxins, and deliver essential nutrients to allow your knee to heal. During the summer heat, it is especially important to make sure you are getting enough fluids throughout your day. Here are some great tips to stay hydrated during your recovery this summer:

  • Drink Lots of Water: The main way to stay hydrated is by drinking a lot of fluids, especially You should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day while you’re recovering, and more if you are spending time outdoors.
  • Limit Dehydrating Products: Certain foods and drinks can be dehydrating such as salty foods, caffeinated products, and alcohol. Try to limit these foods during your recovery to ensure proper hydration.
  • Eat Hydrating Foods: While some foods can be dehydrating, others can be hydrating due to a high water Some examples of these foods include watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, lettuce, tomato, berries, etc. 

Medication Management

Another important part of recovery from knee replacement is medication management. Your surgeon will prescribe you pain medications to take during your recovery to help ease your pain and reduce inflammation. Here are a few medication management tips to follow during your recovery:

  • Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions: Your surgeon will prescribe your pain medication with a specific dosage and frequency of Make sure to follow instructions precisely to best manage your pain and avoid any complications.
  • Get Organized: Summer is a busy time full of fun activities that may take you out of your regular routine. To avoid forgetting a dose of your medications, set reminders to take your pills, get organized with a pill box, or have your pharmacy pack in a blister
  • Stay Educated: Understanding any side effects, interactions, or contraindications that may be associated with your medications is extremely Establish an open line of communication with your surgeon so that you can ask any questions about your medications during your recovery. 

If you recently underwent knee replacement, proper hydration and medication management are the keys to a comfortable recovery this summer. Through the guidance of the orthopedic surgeons at Hinsdale Orthopaedics at Munster, you will be back to normal in no time. Reach out for a consultation today! 

Author: Dr. Andrew Ehmke is a fellowship trained joint replacement surgeon specializing in minimally invasive robotic hip and knee replacement in Munster, Indiana.

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